Koh Samui Island Life

What to do on Koh Samui?

Chaweng Beach


Koh Samui beaches are world-famous for their fine white sands and crystal clear waters, as well as the wild parties under the soft light of the full moon. Bordered by nodding coconut trees to one side and lapped by the beautiful Gulf of Thailand to the other, they are just the kinds of beaches you find in the ads and exactly what you picture when you think of a tropical coastline.

Naturally, not all of the beaches in Koh Samui play host to nightly parties. Most offer peace and relaxation while some are almost entirely deserted at all hours, providing perfect isolation. The majority offer everything you could want or need from a day by the sea. Get a massage, have your hair braided, buy barbecued chicken or sarongs, get to know the locals or simply doze off and chill out.



There are hundreds of bargains to be found while shopping in Koh Samui. While almost every corner of the island has a store worth visiting, the main shopping sites are in Chaweng, Lamai and Nathon. Chaweng offers the most choice and Lamai has a nice range of quirky little stores, but Nathon usually has the cheapest deals.

Thailand is famous for its dubious copies of almost everything, from watches to trainers to CDs, and Koh Samui shopping is no exception. Such products can generally be found in the smaller local markets. Most department stores offer only genuine products and have fixed prices, but you can bargain almost everywhere else. Just keep it polite and friendly to reach a price everyone is happy with.



There are excellent Thai restaurants on Koh Samui which serve dishes from all of the regions of Thailand. There are many places in Koh Samui from road-side vendors to high end 5* restaurants in Chaweng. What places you visit depend on your budget.

Typically places in Chaweng are more expensive as it is the main tourist center. Good food can be found but in our opinion the majority is pretty mediocre for the price they charge (the price reflects the rent they are charged!). Our top tip is to look outside of the main tourist areas on the main ring road where there is plenty of good quality, authentic and affordable Thai food. A general rule of thumb is to look for restaurants that have a lot of locals in.